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Jean Patou Perfume Collection Now Offered

Saks Fifth Avenue
Lord and Taylor
and now Necessities and Temptations

It is an honor to announce that Necessities and Temptations now offers perfumes from the House of Patou.  The Patou line of perfumes began over 85 years ago at the height of the Great Depression when Jean Patou offered a new scent for his wealthy American clientele: Joy.   Every ounce of this subtle floral bouquet, a perfect symbiosis of rose and jasmine, requires 10,600 jasmine flowers and twenty-eight dozen roses.  Joy was voted “Scent of the Century” by the public at the Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards in 2000, beating its rival Chanel No. 5.

Joy PerfumeJoy is not the only scent the House of Patou are known for.  Over the years, the House of Patou crafted other fragrances that remain as popular today as they ever were:
1000 (1972)
Sublime (1992)
Enjoy (2003)

Again, it is a great honor to offer this collection of fine perfumes from the House of Patou.